Website support

Υποστήριξη και συντήρηση ιστοτόπου

If you already have a website online whose content is not updated, it is certain that it will finally become "invisible". It is assumed that all the search engines on a regular basis, check the contents of the worldwide web and websites are ranked according to the information offered which is considered as the primary role of their existence.

Therefore, a website that is not updated, will gradually deteriorate and there is no reason for the owner to keep it.

Consequently, an essential element for an effective website is frequent updates, with correct and accurate content without spelling and grammatical errors. Updates in business information, services or products in sale should be made immediately.

Also, given the rapid evolution of techniques on the internet, you should ensure that your website follows and adapts to new technologies, adding or upgrading the features you offer to your visitors, resulting in repetitive visits.

Below we present some of the services we offer you:

  • Insertion of text, articles, images or videos of your choice
  • Edit media before posting them on the website
  • Improvement or modification of the existing graphic or structural design of the website
  • Advertising development and placement (banners)
  • Installation and configuration of extensions - functions
  • Improvement and configuration of existing extensions

We are ready to support your website in any degree required with consistency and professionalism.

Do you want to want to cooperate with us?

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