Web Statistics

All marketing campaigns with traditional advertising tools, ie television, radio, print advertising, etc. do not give you any information on how many people your advertisement has reached, or in what level they are convinced about the quality of products and services offered by your company.

Simply, at the end of each campaign and after a reasonable period of time, there is a comparison of sales from previous years with the recent ones and conclude in "unsafe" data on how impactful the advertising campaign that was conducted was.

The development of a website as a mean of advertising and promotion, gives us the ability to use statistic tools that provide us with important data which with appropriate treatment can create a profile of our visitors and what they look for, so we can ensure that we provide it to them.

Google Analytics is a free Google service , which provides statistical measurement of various elements of your website and gives information such as the following:

  • Everyday visitors to your website
  • Which specific pages were visited after the homepage
  • How much time someone spends in each page
  • Which countries and cities do your visitor access your website from
  • Which keywords search resulted in finding your website through search engines
  • From which other pages visitors came (link reference)
  • Which pages have high traffic and which don't.


The above mean, that through the Google Analytics tool, there can be drawn appropriate conclusions for the content and other elements of your page and the improvements that may be needed.

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